Getting your Club affiliated with the SAFA (formerly HGFA)

The main reasons your clubs needs to be affiliated is so that

  • your club executive is covered by the SAFA Professional Indemnity Insurance, and

  • your members and club are able to receive funding from NSWHPA.

There's a few things that you need to do get affiliated with the SAFA and then join the NSWHPA community. The summary below tells you how and we also have a very simple flowchart that takes you through it step by step. You'll also find all the forms that you need to download and complete.

Incorporated Association obligations

1.    As an incorporated association in NSW, the Department of Fair Trading requires that the club hold its Annual General Meeting within 6 months of the end of financial year and then lodge its A12 Form Annual Summary of Financial Affairs, to the Department within one month of your AGM.   


2.  For a club or State/Regional Association (SRA) to be listed on the HGFA Associations Liability Insurance policy, the club/SRA must be affiliated with the SAFA and must renew its affiliation each year, in line with the SAFA insurance renewals. As such, affiliation renewals must be lodged by the 31st of May each year.

Club Affiliation Requirements

3.  A club must be affiliated with both the SAFA and its State/Regional Association (SRA). Upon acceptance of affiliation by the appropriate SRA, affiliation with the SAFA may proceed. A Club Affiliation Application (AFF-03) must be submitted to the appropriate SRA for this to occur, along with the SAFA affiliation application form (AFF-01) being submitted to the SAFA. The SAFA requires that you submit your (AFF-03) Form & Annual Report, with the newly elected Club Officers and attach to this form your completed Department of Fair Trading A12 Form and your Annual Report (President’s and/or Treasurer’s Report).  You can send these documents to the NSWHPA ( who collects and forwards these to the SAFA.  Our suggestion would be to send these forms at the same time you are submitting your A12 Form as in point 1 above.  

For your information, the SAFA Affiliation Guidelines (AFF-02) contains some useful information about SAFA Affiliation and other matters.  
The SAFA also requires that you attach a copy of your constitution if you are a new club seeking HGFA Affiliation.  If you are unsure of what to do about your club’s constitution please ask your NSWHPA contact for assistance.

State Association Affiliation Requirements

4.    A SRA will be affiliated with the SAFA, upon acceptance and approval by the SAFA Committee of Management. An affiliation application (AFF-01) must be submitted to the SAFA Committee of Management for this to occur. Applications forwarded to