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Founded in March 1987, the  Blue Mountains Hang Gliding Club is committed to providing safe and regular flying opportunities throughout the Blue Mountains and Central Tablelands to the west of Sydney NSW for all of it’s members, from novice through advanced. Regular activities include monthly Club competition days, novice days, towing days and heaps of social flying. We also hold regular trips away to other well-known flying areas.

The BMHGC welcomes all HGFA pilots to come and fly with us at sites in the region. Safe flying is our top priority. With prior contact, an experienced club pilot will be available to introduce you to our sites and give a detailed site briefing. We cater for pilots of all abilities, and invite all pilots who are keen and enthusiastic to come and explore the excitement of inland flying. Feel free to contact the Club executives with any questions or queries that you may have.


The BMHGC manages flying sites in the Blue Mountains and the Central Tablelands. These include: Mt Blackheath, Wolgan Valley, Sofala and Bathurst. For a detailed site introduction and site guide contact the club. A site guide is posted Mt Blackheath takeoff with landing paddock access rules signposted at the entry gate. All sites are open to visiting pilots. These sites are suitable for launching both HG and PG with the exception of the site in the Wolgan Valley, which is unsuitable for PG. Current financial HGFA membership is compulsory for all pilots flying from these sites. This is a legal requirement for flying HG and PG in Australia. HGFA website.

Mount Blackheath Site Guide
Mt Blackheath is the main flying site for the BMHGC. The main launch area faces West and consists of an astroturf area for paragliders and a steel ramp for hang gliders to launch from.

This is both a spectacular and intimidating site which is difficult to understand without a lot of local experience. The site has a lot to offer, with everything from smooth evening soaring to massive powerful thermals to push you on your way to excellent XC flying.

This site guide is not a complete introduction to the site, that is something that required specific attention to the conditions on the day, on the hill, and is why we ask visiting pilots to get a site introduction each time you fly until you are experienced enough to make the call yourself. It continues to be expended with further posts linked to below.

The Westerly facing site has the following restrictions for both hang glider and paraglider pilots in addition to the Privileges and Limitations imposed by the HGFA operations manual.

    •    Student – There are currently no PG/HG schools operating from Mt Blackheath
    •    Supervised – Require the advice of a BMHGC safety officer on site before flying
    •    Intermediate – Require the advice of a BMHGC safety officer on site before flying
    •    Advanced – No restrictionsThe North ramp is for ADVANCED pilots only and is very dangerous. 

All care is taken here to describe the Mt Blackheath flying site, however it is significantly dependant on the weather. Paragliding and hang gliding are inherently dangerous sports. Mt Blackheath, due to its unpredictability and exposed mountain location is a dangerous site to fly from. Take the advice and experience described here and talk directly to BMHGC pilots about their experiences to give yourself the best chance of success.

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