Current committee

Here's the list of 9 pilots in 2017/18, helping make NSW a better place to fly for all of our NSWHPA members.

  • President - Ralf Gittfried
  • Vice president - John Harriott 
  • Treasurer - Melody Braithwaite
  • Secretary - Michael Stott
  • HGFA Liason officer - Philip de la Hunty
  • Committee member - Nils Vesk
  • Committee member - Mattew Te Hira
  • Committee member - Andrew Millen
  • Committee member - Felipe Rezende

We are here to help, so if you need to get in contact with any of the committee, either because you’re a little bit stuck on a form or you can’t find something please get in contact with one of the team and we’ll do our best to help out.

You can send the committee an email via:

We usually meet on the first Wednesday of every month - the venue can change but at the moment it is  North Ryde RSL at 7:00pm.


Volunteers of the past

For years there’s been a stack of NSW pilots spending their precious spare time hanging out with other crusty pilots helping to gain funding from sporting bodies such as the NSW Department of sport and recreation. At the same time they’ve been in the trenches with our best friends of NSW National Parks Association helping to keep sites flyable and looking at ways to help keep competitions afloat and help to maintain and develop our flying sites. 

In short they are a little bit demented to volunteer their time to do this, but when you love a sport that much, people do some crazy things.

We wanted to give a ‘shout out’ to some of those crusty pilots who have been on the committees for the last few years, who were meeting in dark dingy places while you guys were living it up at home in front of the TV.

sheet of ex committe members.png