Funding for NSW pilots to compete overseas

Our best pilots often make big sacrifices to represent our country at overseas competitions. While we don’t have a huge amount of funds, we do try to support our NSW pilots by making funds available to help them when representing our country.  To find out more ways you may be able to access some modest funding please download the funding guideline below and then send the completed form to

NSWHPA’s international competition funding guidelines means financial support is available to NSW pilots to gain experience at overseas competitions which are generally of a higher level and not available in Australia. Because there are many competitions available throughout the world, this support will only be available to NSW pilots named on an Australian team by the Australian selectors, the SAFA Competition Committee.

Applications to be received no less than one month before the international competition.



  • This application must be submitted to the NSWHPA at no LESS than one month prior to the commencement of the international competition to which it relates.

  • Applicants eligible to apply for funding on the form must already have been nominated as a member of an Australia Representative Team by the SAFA Competition Committee.

  • The level of funding provided will beat the discretion of the NSWHPA.

Competition Details

Applicant Details

Applicant's Declaration

I hereby declare that the information provided above is correct, that I am not currently under suspension or ban or have a matter in disciplinary process with the SAFA or NSWHPA. I also declare that in return for NSWHPA support, during this competition, I will demonstrate professionalism and present myself as an ambassador of the sport in NSW through appropriate conduct, attitude and sportsmanship.

To support your funding application please complete the questions below.
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