funding for pilot endorsements

We want to see you improve your flying qualifications. To make that happen we proudly support those pilots who are making the effort to improve their skills by attending endorsement courses with qualified instructors. While we can't fund your first pilot course we can help to support the subsequent courses that come along such as towing endorsements and the sort.

Some of the endorsements we will help fund include:

Aerotow (HG), Ground Tow (HG/PG), Tugmaster Aerotow (WM), Cross Country (WM/PPG), Formation Flying (PPG/WM), Foot Launch, Wheel Launch, Free Flight (PPG), Oxygen (HG/PG/PPG), VHF Radio (HG/PG/PPG/WM), Tandem (HG/PG/PPG/WM)

For more information click on the box for the guidelines and funding request form.