Bill Moyes

AGM 2022 – We promised special guests

When: 22nd September 2022 
6:30pm at 27-41 Magdala Rd, North Ryde NSW 2113

We are honoured to have a living legend, Bill Moyes, join us at this year’s NSWHPA AGM. The name behind the hang gliding brand is also a worldwide flying community pioneer. Bill has recently turned 90 and celebrated over 50 years of flying. Come and meet this amazing man at the AGM.

Bill Moyes “Australian Birdman”

At first, using speed boats as the source of motion, Moyes developed a ‘kite’ that was to lift him into the record books. Carefully refining his concepts as he proceeded, Moyes achieved stable, controllable personal flight for the first time in history. His death-defying daredevilry now thrilled capacity crowds across several continents at shows and exhibitions. A major sport was born.

Over the next few years, Moyes made hundreds of boat-towed launches, pioneering the fledgling sport. In 1967 he foot launched from Mount Crackenback and flew three kilometres. He became the first man to tow to 1000 feet, in 1969 he was the first man to soar, staying aloft at La Perouse for 32 minutes. In the same year, he boat towed to 2870 feet over Lake Ellesmere in New Zealand.

1970 saw Moyes boat towed to 8610 feet in Wisconsin, USA. Later that year, he became the first man to glide into the Grand Canyon. Returning to Lake Ellesmere, he towed to 4750 feet in 1972.

The ‘Australian Birdman’ quickly caught the imagination of the world. He had done what countless people before him tried to do and failed. Moyes soared into the history books by applying his mind to the unsolved problems left by the great minds of the ages. With the benefit of modern materials and advanced aerodynamics, Moyes produced the world’s first truly successful hang glider.

1977 Queen Elizabeth Anniversary Medal Silver
1978 Russian Aero Club Bronze medal
1980 Royal Australian Aero Club Oswald Watt Gold Medal
1983 CIVL Diploma of Honour
1995 NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame
1995 Smithsonian Institute Invention Award

Ken Hutt

Ken Hutt – Mount Everest Hike & Fly

In 2014 Ken climbed the World’s sixth highest mountain, Mt Cho Oyu in Tibet, and then successfully paraglided back to Base Camp, all to raise awareness for the PolioPlus campaign. Earlier this year, Ken took on the highest mountain in the world (Mt. Everest) for Polio. Ken Hutt will talk to us about what it takes to prepare for the world’s highest hike and fly. Come and listen to his adventure at this year’s AGM.
Russ Ogden

Russ Ogden – Current World Champion

We are thrilled to have the current paragliding world champion and factory test pilot for Ozone: Russ Ogden. Russ will be giving us insights into the future of paragliding.

A little about Russ Ogden

 Russ started paragliding in 1994 when he was 21 years old.

“Riding the invisible, powerful natural energy of the sun to be able to soar like a bird is the stuff of dreams. I absolutely love it. I am constantly amazed by what can be done and the places we can go with such simple machines, and I always feel deeply privileged to have been born in the right part of the world and in the right generation to be able to do so.”

Russ started to work at Ozone in 2004. Since then, he has been a vital part of the R&D team. He finds his job quite enjoyable. He loves the development process and relating changes made to the wing to flying behaviour.

Gareth Carter 10 x Australian Paragliding Champion

We are excited to have one of Australia’s most accomplished paragliding pilots join us to share his experiences with competition flying both in Australia and abroad. Gareth will share what it takes to prepare for comp flying and share tips behind his success. Perfect for pilots interested in joining competitions in the future.

Tim Rowlinson

Tim Rowlinson – Paramotoring Adventurer

Fresh from his latest adventure Coff Harbour pilot Tim Rowlinson will be sharing his exciting trip across Australia on a paramotor. Come and listen to how Tim planned and prepared for a 4000km PPG flight from Western Australia to Byron Bay in NSW.

The Australian Hang Gliding Team 2022

The Australian Hang Gliding Team 2022

The Australian Hang Gliding team performed well in overseas competitions this year. We are delighted to have Nils Vesk, Steven Docherty, Craig Taylor, and Trent Brown come to share their results and adventures at this year’s AGM.


When & Where

Invitation: 22nd September, AGM 2022 
6:30pm at 27-41 Magdala Rd, North Ryde NSW 2113

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