PICO Club Fly-In

The 25th Pico Fly-In (2022)

The 25th annual Pico Fly-in will be held at Milbrulong 15-18th September 2022.

It is about foot launched powered paragliders, wheel-based powered paragliders, aerochutes and powered hang gliders. Hot air balloons are also welcome. The basic criteria is “if people think you are mad because of what you fly, you are in!”.

The official start is midday Thursday, and the finish Sunday midday. Flying before or after is like all year round at this site, it is always available. If you come early you will be roped in to help get ready.

Camping is the go. There is a large area of grass on the recreation ground at Milbrulong that is well sheltered. There are showers, toilets, gas BBQ and a hall and electricity for those who get there first. The water is good for drinking. The alternative is the Lockhart Motel 0269205357 or the caravan park 0458205305. There will be registration and camping costs of $80 includes 3 nights camping, Saturday night dinner and welcome BBQ in Jeff’s shed after flying on Thursday evening. Breakfast will be available on launch. Partners $50, little kids free, extra nights camping $10. Money back or credit for next year if you cancel. Text one of the contact people you are coming, and pay by the weekend before to BSB 633108  Acc 1279 82874

The launch is about 3 k from the camp. Google maps will find it at Number 1 Gerhardt Hoffmanns Lane. The paddock is 10 ha and will have short grass. It has slight slopes so that we can get a downhill take-off no matter what wind direction.  There are almost no restrictions on where you can fly, it is open farmland. The site is friendly to inexperienced pilots and the event is friendly to pilots who do not know anybody else who will be there. Equipment can be stored at the launch site.

The camping facilities will be available from early in the week. Anybody leaving before Monday morning is requested to clean up as much as possible, so it is not left to Jeff on Monday.

Milbrulong is about 5 hours from Melbourne and 7 from Sydney and about 12 from Adelaide. It is about 50 k west of Wagga Wagga in southern NSW and about 10 k from Lockhart. There are no shops, petrol stations or pubs at Milbrulong so plan to bring what you want or drive to Lockhart.

The fly-in will not be cancelled no matter what the weather. The objective is to fly ourselves silly. If we cannot fly, we will talk and test things (a thrust test bench, porosity meter, scales and hang frame will be available). A pilot safety briefing will be held each evening, plus some awards and a time for people with commercial interest in the sport to be heard. People with a commercial interest in the sport can display wares at the hall and will have the opportunity to tell us what they do on Saturday night. Second hand gear for sale can also be displayed.  There will be no flying Monday. The show will not be allowed to drag on because we have other commitments, and everybody must be involved in the cleaning up because there is nobody else. We are open to any and all suggestions, and look forward to seeing you. There will be more information as we go along. Please flick this around to other pilots and print it out and stick it on the fridge!

President Will Manley                         0447 731 799   

Secretary Rob Bexom                           0447 671 156

 Landowner Jeff  Hoffmann                 0429 206 233

Aerochute Contact Mark Kendall        0439 755 507

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