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Four days of fun autumn flying are on the cards this coming Easter Weekend (Fri 30th March-Mon 2nd April) at the World renowned Bill Moyes International Airport at FORBES! Come out and hook into some smooooth autumn thermals with your buddies.
The format is similar to previous floater comps.

1. Four days (Friday to Monday)
2. Open crossbar, single surface gliders only
3. Emphasis on fun
4. Daily prizes and goodies plus end of comp. trophies

We are using the same online excel spreadsheet to capture registered pilots who are keen to join in a fun aero-tow comp at FORBES. Whack your name in the linked document and commit to having some good times and encouraging new Hangies to come and play.
This laid back, friendly competition will be in the FAI XC racing format and will be scored by Phil Seeley.
IGC track-logs are to be emailed to Phil Seeley at phil.seeley@gmail.com at the end of each competition day.

• Single Surface Hang Glider (well maintained!)
• GPS or GPS/Vario
• Towing bridle
• Recently repacked parachute
• Certified (EN 966) Helmet
• Current HGFA membership
• VHF Rating and equipment
• Aerotow Rating
• GoPro 
Comp. entry fee is $100 and is to be paid into a pool Paypal account here.
All aerotows will be an additional fee ($30/tow) and will be paid direct to Vicki Cain at the end of each day on an honesty based system. Towing will be available and encouraged during all daylight hours.
Friday 30th March is practise day (waiver to be signed prior to towing!) and registration day- Forbes Aeroclub

Saturday 31st March: Briefing and day one of the comp. - Forbes Aeroclub
Sunday 1st April: Day two of the comp. - Forbes Aeroclub
Monday 2nd April: Last day and presentation - Forbes Aeroclub
Tows will be operated by Moyes. The tow fees go towards paying for the tug planes as well as the tug pilots.

If anyone would like to volunteer to help as ground crew, please contact me (Brad 0450 961 802) or Steve (0447 017 662)
Pilots should team up with others pilots (and a driver) to organise retrieves after flying each day.
Can’t wait to catch up with you all !!

Brad (BeRad)