For a club or State/Regional Association (SRA) to be listed on the HGFA Associations Liability Insurancepolicy, the club/SRA must be affiliated with the HGFA and must renew its affiliation each year, in line with the HGFA insurance renewals. As such, affiliation renewals must be lodged by the 

31st of May each year.

Club Affiliation Requirements

A club must be affiliated with both the HGFA and its State/Regional Association (SRA). Upon acceptance of affiliation by the appropriate SRA, affiliation with the HGFA may proceed. A Club Affiliation Application (AFF-03) must be submitted to the appropriate SRA for this to occur, along with the HGFA affiliation application form (AFF-01) being submitted to the HGFA.

State/Regional Association Affiliation Requirements

A SRA will be affiliated with the HGFA, upon acceptance and approval by the HGFA Committee of Management. An affiliation application (AFF-01) must be submitted to the HGFA Committee of Management for this to occur. Applications forwarded to

The Club/SRA Affiliation Application/Renewal forms are available on line at the HGFA website. - (Document AFF-01 & AFF-03). New versions of these forms were released on 26 March 2019.

The AFF-02 is a Guideline document that provides information the submission of the AFF-01 and AFF-03 forms.

NOTE: A Club must be affiliated with the appropriate SRA, before it's affiliation to the HGFA can be approved. The AFF-01 form must be signed by the President of State / Regional Association.