how we are making NSW a better place to fly

Nine pilots comprising the NSW Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association executive committee meet monthly to go over projects that are helping to make NSW a better place to fly for all. 

This might be administering funds to a club who need financial help in maintaining a flying site. It might be helping create a flying and landing rights agreement with a landowner and club. Or it could be looking at ways to develop news sites or improve on existing ones with a local flying club. Not to mention applying for funding grants and helping to promote the sport just to name a few.

Our committee volunteer their precious time not just at these committee meetings but throughout the month in enabling all of these tasks and projects come to fruition.

Our activities include:

  • Funding flying site maintenance

  • Funding flying site improvements

  • Funding new flying site developments

  • Applying for state government grants

  • Developing and administering funding guidelines for NSW pilots

  • Developing flying/ landing right of use agreements

  • Lodging and acquiring NSW National park consents

  • Assessing and funding appropriate flying safety programs for NSW pilots

  • Assessing and funding competitions for NSW pilots

  • Assisting NSW clubs become affiliated with the SAFA and meet the NSW Department of Fair Trading requirements for an Incorporated Association

  • Assisting NSW clubs govern and administer themselves

NSWHPA has currently adopted the Model Constitution under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 as issued by the NSW Department of Fair Trading. As part of our current governance audit, the CoM is considering putting to the membership some changes to our constitution which better reflect our operating processes and our relationship with the SAFA.  Keep a lookout for these developments.

To access  the latest Annual General Meeting minutes, the NSWHPA constitution, or our Funding guidelines simply click on the relevant box to find out more or to acquire a download.