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IGC Newsletter July 2023

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The Illawarra Gliding Club aims to continue the work of the Illawarra Hang Gliding Club in managing the Tongarra and Cambewarra sites as well as to broaden training and free flight activities in the Illawarra by developing tow launch facilities at Jaspers Brush Airfield.  

Jaspers Brush Airfield is approx. 20km south of Tongarra and approx. 8km east of Mt Cambewarra making it a great spot with alternatives to get you in the air.

The executive committee includes Rob de Groot (President), Jude deGroot (Acting Treasurer, Secretary/Public Officer), Tony Armstrong and Jonas Lobitz.

Cambewarra Launch

Jaspers Brush Airfield

A great site near Nowra. refer to Restrictions below

aerotow potential at Jaspers brush
reflex towing at Jaspers

Mount Cambewarra

A great site near Nowra known as Mt. Cambewarra.  

Restrictions: This site is within restricted airspace R421.  R421 deactivates from Friday 12:30 to Monday 08:00.  Before flying here you must contact the duty air officer at Albatross military base for clearance on  0408 975 825.

Hazards/Comments: Beware of turbulence below and in front of take-off on thermic days and in crosswind conditions.


Approximately 15 km from the Illawarra coast with a mixture of coastal and inland flying conditions. Overlooking Macquarie Pass, 90 km SSW of Sydney. From the Robertson pie shop take the Jamberoo Mountain Rd and turn left into Lees Road. When you reach the escarpment lookout, proceed for another 100m and take the first turn left to launch.

This is a hanggliding cliff launch for advance pilots only. Take extra care on launch. When you approach launch make sure that both wings have equal exposure to lift. The bombout paddock is quite a long glide out (about 5.5 to 1), so we generally turn left after launch. 620m / 2030ft asl.

Bottom landing is on the north side of the Illawarra Highway. It’s the second paddock south of the dairy shed (milking shed). This is a private property and we have a good relationship with the farmer. Top landing is possible but expect some turbulence being so close to the escarpment.

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