It's a great thing when we see a new flying club set up. It means there's a stack of motivated people wanting to share this great sport of ours. Bring it on!

The latest club to join the NSWHPA is the South Coast Flyers. The South Coast Flyers are based down near Nowra just a couple of hours south of Sydney. This also happens to be the location for one great cross country flying site that seems to slip under the radar. Mount Cambewarra a south facing launch towers almost 2000 feet above the bomb out below. Yes 2000 feet!

 Looking out from Mt. Cambewarra

Looking out from Mt. Cambewarra

Picturesque, green fields, an ocean in the distant and over the back lies the beautiful Kangaroo Valley and beyond that the Southern Highlands. I must admit that I rank my last flight from Mt. Cambewarra as being one the most spectacular flights I've had in NSW.

To find out more about this amazing site check out the club page for this area and contact one the club members to fly down there. The last flight I had down there was over 60 kilometres which was short compared to what I could have done if I knew where I was flying.

Welcome to NSW South Coast Flyers.