At the nswhpa we are often helping clubs secure and fund landing and takeoff options. This is crucial to maintaining our ability to fly in places where landing options are at a minimum due to increasing development issues.

I've recently been flying in California at Crestline and am bowled over by their landing facilities at the Andy Jackson aipark Which is a purpose built landing platform that also doubles as a training hill, complete with a clubhouse and storage facility for gliders, not to mention a shuttle service to take people up to launch.

The site itself is leased from  The California water resources service, but was jointly developed with the club to secure the flying Landing site for perpetuity.

I know we all want go flying, yet it's worth considering the sites you are flying from and landing at. If you need help securing those sites feel free to contact the Nswhpa as we are here to help and have lots of experience amongst our executive team who have secured several landowner agreements and agreements with national parks.

Safe flying. 



Nils Vesk