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The mid north coast has a host of great flying sites well over a dozen great flying sites including both coastal and inland flying sites.

One of the Club’s aims is to help foster good airmanship and help new pilots move from the School environment to the Club environment. If you are a new pilot, please contact a Safety Officer or a Committee Member from the list below, and we will be more than happy to let you know when we are meeting next, and who might be around to help you into the air.  There are links on the MNCF website that provide important information about launch and landing paddocks.

Other mid north coast flying sites

To find the location of launches and landing areas download the kmz file and upload it into google earth and you will have all the locations at your fingertips.

Seal Rocks NE

A perfect spot for a floater.  The launch is a grassy park opposite the shop in Seal rocks. from here you can hop over the back onto bigger hills and cruise up the coast toward smiths lake and back.

Booti Booti – pacific palms NE
Probably the best NE coastal site in NSW. A spectacular headland with some of the best surf beaches for a morning dip. Fly down toward seal rocks if you need a cross country feel.  A key and 4×4 is required.

Nellies SW

An awesome inland site that provides some of the most enjoyable winter and spring flying relatively close to the coast.  Absolutely fantastic when a weak seabreeze and westerly are doing battle.  Flights back to the coast are very enjoyable.


View from Nellies launch

Harrys Lookout E
A lookout above shelly beach in Port Macquarie.  Great for a quick fix .  If the direction is right a trip south to the lighthouse and back is easy when flying something with a little performance.
A Key is required for the gate.

Yarras NE
A good inland hill with loads of potential.  It’s a little out of the way so does not get flown a great deal, but is certainly worth the effort.  Some big flights have been had from here.

Racecourse NE
Great fun if you like flying whilst rubbing your belly along the hill and landing wherever you like.  Very smooth lift on this grassy headland

Crescent Head SE
A miniature stanwell park type of headland.  Awesome smooth lift.

Crescent head

The key flying sites in the Mid North Cast of NSW

Indian Head SE
A good SE novice site.  Easy takeoff with beach below. 


Middle Brother SE launch

Middle Brother SW & SE
One of the main launches in the area.  The SE launch has a ramp and the SW has an earth mound.  Common to have a flight north toward Kempsey or to a local beach from here.  (VHF radio is required)

Middle Brother SE launch


North Brother NE

The best known and premier site of the region.  Great flying early in the day before the Seabreeze comes in.
(VHF radio is required)

Grants Head SE
A fun little coastal site with easy top landing.  Ideal for an afternoon play in a floater.

Lighthouse Dunes
A good size set of dunes suitable for s spring Southeaster.



Nambucca heads NE
A family friendly coastal NE launch is located 100m north of the pet friendly caravan park.  Easy flights up and down the headlands.

Nambucca heads – looking back at launch

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