NSW pilots to head up World Championship Hanggliding team

NSW has some great hang glider pilots a fact backed up by the Australian team heading to compete in the 22nd FAI World Hanggliding championships in Italy in July 2019.

The NSW pilots heading to Italy are profiled below:

Steven Docherty – one of the keenest pilots in the state. Known to drive down to Buffalo for a quick weekend flight. Tenacious and known as a scratching master. This will be his first worlds and he’s very excited about it and has been instrumental that the Aussie team is kitted out in the right gear.


Steve Docherty towing at Dalby

Trent Brown – Lives behind the Lake George flying site and yet tends to only fly competitions and blitzes them every time. Trent has represented Australia at numerous WorldChampionships and is keen to show the mountain bred Europeans that he can match their skill.


Trent Brown showing how to launch with a smile

Guy Hubbard – the Cowra local is a grandfather, yet he’s one of the fastest pilots you will meet. He’s competed in every Forbes Flatlands Hanggliding competition there has ever been. Guy has been known to glide right down to the last centimetre to maximise points for the team and was part of the epic Aussie team that won the bronze medal in Mexico in 2015. He also competed in the Brazil worlds in 2017 and is ready to fly fast again.


Guy Hubbard ready to rock in his uniform

Rory Duncan – known as the Rooster, Rory hails from Newcastle and is part of the famous Duncan family from Airborne. With flying in his blood this will be Rory’s 2nd World championship and despite being the youngest team pilot still in his early 20’s the rooster is aiming for the podium.


Rory Duncan - looking casual as can be before landing

Rohan Taylor – called RT to simplify his complex name, RT has been blitzing the comps around Australia. A gun pilot who not only is Australia’s in form pilot heading to Italy, he’s also an accomplished paraglider, and both Hangglider and Paragliding instructor. Bravo, let’s hope he can fly fast.


Rohan Taylor at the Canungra comp

Rohan Taylor takes pilots through a task

Nils Vesk – Nils is going to his second world championships. After surviving a curly experience with the cartel at the Mexico worlds, he isn’t scared of the Italian mafia and is keen to enjoy the Italian alps and Peroni.

Craig Taylor – often referred to as Dr. C will be bring his surgeon like precision flying to his first world championships. Calculating, decisive and a wicked thermaller, Craig is looking to get around course fast but safely.


Craig Taylor launching in France

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