NSWHPA December 2018 eNewsletter

Had a near miss incident?  

Treat it as an opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with your flying community and take the opportunity to debrief in a supportive club environment. The HGFA website and social media allows us to disseminate (anonymously if desired) this knowledge to a wider audience, as we are all too aware, we will not live long enough to make all the same mistakes ourselves.

Returning to flying after a break? 

All NSW Clubs are encouraged to remind pilots of their sites’ flying characteristics in different winds and weather. Pilots please use the wealth of knowledge available from your Site Safety Officers and senior pilots particularly for launches and landings. Ultimately it is the responsibility of each pilot to comprehensively re-acquaint themselves with the inherent hazards of each site across all weather conditions.

Sadly some of our very best pilots and beautiful human beings have paid the price. At this time of year remember that a fatal accident not only affects you, but your loved ones left behind.

Office of Sports Funding Grants

On a lighter note NSWHPA invites all NSW clubs to consider improving their programs, clinics, facilities and infrastructure with government sponsored (Office of Sport) sporting and infrastructure grants.

You never know what can be achieved, for example, the Forrester’s Beach weather station has been modified (see picture below) to increase accuracy and prevent damage by birds due to a determined effort by a club member with an idea.

A number of Clubs have already submitted grant applications for significant launch site development, female participation and water rescue initiatives.

The Office of Sport funding application window is only open for limited periods. We often don’t get much advance notice. We ask that you put on your thinking caps for ideas that you would like to improve your flying sites. 

Grant submissions for a project need to be based on a comprehensive proposal to have a chance of being approved by the Office of Sport (or such body). Practically this needs to be done ahead of time so that we are ready for when the grant window opens.

We don’t mind if your idea is a little sketchy on detail to start with, as long as it is something we can work with.  We will work with you to get all the information together.

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