Our mission

Simply put, we want to get more people into our great sport of flying, whilst helping them get better and safer at flying. We do this by providing funding assistance to training courses, competitions and site improvements and maintenance.

β€œThe NSWHPA will implement policies and programs defined by the SAFA (formerly HGFA) and to promote the sport through competitions, fly-ins, participation rallies and training facilities to benefit NSW pilots in accordance with the SAFA Operations Manual and with the approval of the relevant State and Federal instrumentalities and land owners. 

The NSWHPA also aims to encourage more pilots to take up the sport through marketing, publicity and public exhibitions.”


  • NSWHPA will financially support NSW based clubs to help those clubs meet the requirements of improved pilot safety through training programs, access to flying sites and other pilot related programs.

  • NSWHPA will support competitions which allow pilots to improve their flying skills and learn from more experienced pilots.

  • NSWHPA will support NSW clubs to grow the sport across all disciplines, improve safety and pilot education.

  • NSWHPA will support NSW clubs to encourage community awareness and participation in the sport