The NSWHPA provides financial support to encourage participation by NSW pilots in gaining safety and piloting skills. Essentially we want you to be safe, and become better pilots. To help you, we have developed some guidelines to provide you with financial support to help make it more accessible and affordable.

You won’t be able to get a free trip fly in Bali, but we definitely aim to help you pay for pilot training and pilot skill development. We provide financial support by providing subsidies that are determined by the cost that is incurred in the safety training and development course/clinic, the cost in organising and managing competition events and modest support for pilots representing NSW at overseas competitions.

We have subsidies for Pilot Endorsements, Pilot Safety Training and Development, and for Competitions as well as providing support for NSW pilots wanting to compete overseas. Each one of these areas has a separate guideline, which are easily accessible from this website. Simply click the download button for each respective area.

For flying instructors and commercial operators, we invite you to look at these guidelines in order to consider any new courses or training programs that will satisfy these guidelines and enable our pilots to develop their flying skills and become safer pilots.

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