funding for pilot safety training & development

We want to see safer and better pilots flying in NSW. To make that happen we proudly support those pilots who are making the effort to improve their skills by attending training courses with qualified instructors. We figure if we can help support you fly better and safer it makes NSW a better and safer place to fly. We support a number of different types of pilot safety training & development courses/clinics some of which include:

  • First aid courses for Safety Officers

  • Theoretical and Practical Flying Skills clinics

  • Training aimed at reinforcing/refreshing endorsement skills, post-endorsement

  • Training which enables pilots to meet the requirements for emergency equipment, assembly, inspection and maintenance.

For more information on pilot safety and training funding please click on the box for the guidelines and funding request form. 



Request for Pilot Subsidy from NSWHPA

Safety Training/Pilot Development.

Safety Training/Pilot Development Details (Club to complete)

Declaration by Office Bearer of the above referenced club requesting subsidy on behalf of the pilots listed above.

I declare that each pilot requesting a subsidy as shown above;

1. Was a financial member of the SAFA at the time of undertaking the course,

2. Is eligible to be a member of NSWHPA by way of residency and/or is not a member of another SAFA affiliated State or Territory club.

3. Has not previously claimed a subsidy from the NSWHPA or any other affiliate body of the SAFA for this course(s),

4. Is currently a financial member of a NSW Club,


5. The club is currently affiliated with the SAFA.
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