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The accurate weather monitoring and reporting throughout NSW of the existing Holfuy weather-stations in co-operation with local clubs has been very well received.

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RASP Gliding Forecasts for the Main Paragliding and Hang Gliding Cross Country sites in Australia

The AUSRASP is now at higher resolution for NSW regions, and has a better visual interpretation of the forecast for major flying sites – with Meteograms instead of Skew-T. 

Many of us have been using alternate platforms such as Windy and XCskies that have a 25km grid, meaning that their forecast is taking the average of all conditions in a 25km square around the point being looked at.

With this NSWHPA investment the current RASP NSW interpretation will run on a 2.4km grid – The grid spacing determines the accuracy of the forecast on a smaller scale. The smaller the grid the more you can see local effects, like venturis, valley effects, wind gradients and convergence.

The forecast is the average conditions of a 2.4km square (i.e. the average cloud cover in that square, the average wind speed, the average thermal velocity), the smaller the grid spacing the more accurate the forecast for a particular point.

Further improvement of the visual representation of the data for the day at these major flying sites is now available through Meteograms:

Manilla, Dubbo area, Forbes, Lake St. Clair, Blackheath, Stanwell Tops, Spring Hill, Jerildarie area

NSWHPA would like to thank Chris Dobinson (, for his extensive efforts, and would further like to encourage anyone utilizing the site to donate to support his ongoing efforts improving the site. Chris Dobinson (, the developer and owner of has devoted extensive time to improve the site to world class forecasting, comparable to other major (paying) forecasting sites.